About us ?

DIELEN Laboratoires is a French biotechnology company created in 1978 in Normandy (Cherbourg-Octeville) France.

DIELEN Laboratoires is a specialist in the research and development of marine nutrients dedicated to human and animal nutrition.

The joint work of Dielen Laboratoires with French scientific and medical centres (IFREMER, INRA, CNRS, Hôpital Tenon Paris) permitted to register innovating patents on :

  • bioactive peptides (GABOLYSAT)
  • hydrolyzed marine collagen (PROMERIM)

DIELEN Laboratoires offers a range of nutritional supplements composed of natural active ingredients. The clinical safety and biological efficiency are guaranteed by clinical studies conducted by medical experts.

DIELEN Laboratoires markets its nutritional supplements in pharmacies and health food shops in France and worldwide.



Réalisation : ADN GENILOG